Why choose Falcon? Hear what our team has to say.

“We focus heavily on usability for nephrologists, so it’s intuitive and quick.”
Faye, Product

“You have dedicated support through the whole process.”
Neil, Client Services

“Falcon has awesome customer service, even behind the front lines. Everyone in the organization helps to identify problems and resolve issues so that we are always moving forward.”
Bruce, R&D

“We understand nephrology and we will be your partner as you navigate the ever-changing landscape of healthcare.”
Kelly, Product

“Falcon is the nephrology-specific EHR with unparalleled integration with DaVita dialysis centers.”
Allyson, Operations

“Falcon Physician is a Meaningful Use-certified EHR portfolio built to meet the unique needs of nephrologists by seamlessly integrating data across multiple points of care.”
Drew, Sales

“At Falcon, we’re never satisfied with what we’ve done; even the best can be better.”
Brian, R&D